Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring is here...well almost

hello how are you?  happy thursday.
the past few days have been something of a springtime daydream. the afternoon sunlight cast a warm glow all around, melting away all traces of winter and flooding the streets with citrus-y sunshine. insteadof working i wish i was taking a lovely long walk down the sunny side
of a street, stopping in a charming cafe and indulging in one of my favourite treats - lemon tarts. i always find citrus to be such a happy,cheery flavour full of zest and life. lemon shrimp, lemon chicken, it's almost impossible to stay blue after the first bite of  lemony-ish. same holds true for a dose of lemony sunshine - life just seems a little better. bring the same feeling with you wherever you go with soft, buttery shades of lemon yellow and enjoy the comfort of a warm afternoon in spring.  xo

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