Thursday, March 4, 2010

i'm still here...

you know who you are:

i saw this today and thought   - please be as lucky as this person who wrote this post. 

i pray everyday.

@sugarshack100  -  " I too can  relate to this song. yesterday it was 7 months since I  have drank. I spent  19 years drinking. and I wouldn't go back. Ever. It's been such a long road.  I had to pull myself up and find myself again and this song hit me so hard. Finding out who you are is the best part . I'm so proud your clean too. It's a long rough road but one I would never turn back on.   I'm 51 but I finally feel I got my life back and you can only figure that out when you believe in yourself and love yourself  first before others . Never give up.  hugs and keep going on. It's so worth it. "

i love you xo

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