Thursday, March 11, 2010

i used to think i was fashionable...

then i grew up and learned the following:
the tooth fairy was actually my mother.
bills come in all shapes and sizes and often.
and i'm fashionably inept.

enter bff’s
Christine -  is an accessory goddess. how does she always choose the right necklace or earrings? she is so hip, hip, hip. she even made bald look good.

Nancy -  is haute and cutting-edge. i daydream about raiding her closet and stealing all she's got (then i have a follow-up dream that i fit into those clothes).

Jane -  has an unfailing formula for easy elegant and manages to make everything look audrey hepburnish

Lynne -  is amazing. she manages to make clothes look as they were intended. how could anyone look that put together with that many kids?  

Patti - she is always so current an ever evolving style that i can't hope to emulate let alone predict.

My (much younger friend Alice) now she is a total  fashionesta

Me - I want to be stylish and comfy, and age appropriate - it’s an on going battle. it’s a lot of work. it’s the reason i run late for work half the time. i guess that’s why i spend so much time shopping. i could spend less time shopping if i could just buy all jcrew has to offer. but, i can’t spend $98 per shirt…. well i mean i could, i just couldn’t pay my mortgage.

thank goodness i have a slew of hip bff’s to feed off of.

well i'm off ,  to find the new spectacular jcrewish  t-shirts lynne found today at marshalls.

love you guys…..


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh you are so creative, Love you to! Hope to see you soon. xoxo Friends are just the best always,You all make everyday so special!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I saw you, you looked great, still do! Always took my breath away! I miss that, I miss you....

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? You always look fabulous! xo

Anonymous said...

Fashionably inept, I don't think so. When I look at you, you always look beautiful and fashionable no matter the day or season. (like out of the best fashion magazines). xoxo

Anonymous said...

ooh you are the fashionista of the world in my eyes!! and your style is always hip and current. And your bod girl! is awesome and worthy of all your fashion choices. How sweet to mention me in your fashion lineup..i am flattered..that's why you are my bff!!
ps did you find those shirts???i wore one saturday night out to dinner..loooove it!