Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy weekend...

my ongoing goal in life is to be able to spot the extraordinary in the ordinary.
inspiration is everywhere - if you look.
i try to conquer a few creative projects each week, it balances my time spent working in an office under fluorescent lights. i never want to feel like i am just a corporate drone. it's so boring.
although i have to say boring would not be the word i would describe my office job as.  there are other words but i'll leave that to your imagination.  a few weeks ago i found some old windows that i was sure i  could find some decorative use for..  m has an artistic hand so she found this quote and voila a new piece of art work for the kitchen...
for this weekend i wish you a ton of creative possibilities. they are all in front of you, okay here's my little list of suggestions:

try cooking a new dish. it's a practical and easy way to get creative and it's fun. i love to cook.
just look under food network, tv you could be there all day finding all sorts of great things to whip up.

need to clean the house?  it's sort of a necessary evil. usually happens on saturday.
why not try an eco friendly technique, lemons and vinegar are serious, then add a couple drops of bergamot essential oil to your water takes cleaning to a whole new level. your house will be relaxed and happy.
bergamot is an excellent cleaner and the house will smell like southern italy!
not that i have been to southern italy...  i am just saying.

learn something! you don't need to take an expensive class (although if you have the means, please go ahead), google something you have been meaning to learn and you'll be surprised how much free information, tutorials, etc. may be on your subject.

sell some excess 'stuff',  have a yard sale.  everyone always has excess stuff.
then you can buy more stuff.

these ideas are easy and don't really cost anything. i am heading out to an antique market this morning
in wilton nh.  it's open once a month with a theme. this month's theme  is dreamy whites...
i have been redoing everything around here lately... dreamy whites...  i am sure it will give me more
ideas to dream about....
here is a picture of my new "summer" mantle...

love sent, xo

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Love It! So you!