Thursday, June 23, 2011

record speed...

i feel like that is how my life is moving.  every time i turn around it's almost friday.
i guess i keep busy and it makes the time go quickly.  but... somedays i just want to
slow everything down.  earlier this week i promised someone i would get better at
blogging more often.  the blog was going to be a daily documentation of the thoughts
i am thinking,  but i can't always capture them all.  or shall i say i can't always share them
all either.  but it's good writting practice and it's never a waste of time, with every sentence
you write you learn something.   i learn something every  day here and it makes me more
aware of how the pages of my life are unfolding.  sometimes even insignificant entries hold
the best gems.  being here inspires me to be better, to make my home better, to appreciate things
more.  with the click of a mouse i can be transported to just about anywhere, find something out
about any subject,  half of my meals are from googling an ingredient.  so i won't beat myself
up for not being here more often, i'll just remind myself that i am more mindful when i am here,
more mindful of the positive impact it has on me.  like they say it's all about the journey. 

love sent, xo

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