Friday, June 24, 2011

last night i fell asleep to rain...

actually i think i fell asleep to rain the night before,  and the night before that too.  sometimes when your head is filled with so many thoughts and you feel heavy in your bones it's nice to escape.  my bedside nightstand looks like a "book cake" towers of magazines, cook books, text books, novels. all haphazardly displayed and on the verge of collapse. in the evening i love to pour through them.  i voraciously read through cook books and magazines for ideas.   i just need more time to experiment.  it seems somehow in the winter months i cook a lot more, but i suppose in the summer you spend more time outside. i really  enjoy my time  in the late evening when i can bury myself in all the books i have at an arms length and dream all the dreams i want.  a few recent favorites are     #1 a cook book titled  "stir"  the first few pages will pull you right in. it's a great story and great recipes.   # 2 barefoot, by elin hilderbrand,   a great beach read, a touching story of three women struggling with three different  life altering events.  #3 flea market magazine, my new passion. #4 my life in france, julia child, i love it, i can  taste the food she describes, i want to make my way back to france.  i need to walk on the cobblestone streets and eat croissants at small tables on the corner of tiny streets and wash it down with strong coffee.   #5 the sharper your knife, the less you cry,  by kathleen flinn, i haven't started this yet but the title intrigued me.

happy friday and happy reading!!

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

i just peeked in to "stir" the ham and cheese puff pastry bites sound decilicous!!! i think this needs to be put on my must have list of books