Thursday, June 16, 2011

last night the bruins won the stanley cup...

for the first time in 39 years.  i remember vividly the win 39 years ago.  last night brought back so many memories.  i am sure with father's day this weekend i was already feeling meloncoly.  my dad was a huge bruins fan,  a never give up fan. even during their worse years he always watched and cheered them on.  he would have loved last night, he would have been so happy.  i know tho that he was happy,  and he was watching that game  - just from another place in the universe.  i stayed on the phone with my mom
as they played the last part of the game,  she wanted to share the moment with someone who knew
exactly how my dad would have felt.  during our conversation she said there was terrible lightning
down in florida outside her window.  mr. n  told her it was just dad snapping pictures of the victory.
honestly,  that made her so happy.  it made me happy too.  the feelings and tears have a way of
sneaking up on you sometimes.  grief is like that,  it can tap you on the shoulder and remind you
it's still there.  it reminds us to live in the moment, for this moment is all that we are guaranteed.

love sent, xo

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