Sunday, June 12, 2011

wish upon a raindrop...

have you ever had the feeling that you are trapped in a time warp where the days literally resemble one another and you are in a state of suspended motion where someone has hit the pause button on the change of seasons? where the picture outside your window never changes and that picture is grey and drizzly and, admittedly, a lush green but little else in the way of color?  i need sun.  i am tired of trying to make my way around garden centers stepping over puddles with water dripping on my head.  while we are fortunate that our weather complaints are mild (especially in light of others who have been faced with forceful and dangerous weather events), those of us who have endured a long, snowy winter are feeling the lack of energy and mood-lifting sun and vitamin D that normally comes with this time of year. it has been over a month of cool/cold, dreary, uninspiring weather. i am literally craving the warmth of the sun and all the happy things that come with it.

and I will keep on wishing. you could visit this farm and it will definitely bring some sunshine into your day i can guarantee it.   they have the sweetest little country store where you will, without a doubt, find something that you need to bring home, even if it's just foccacia bread and farm milk. 
how cute is this idea?  i am really into chippy paint these days.

and when it's rainy and dreary and you can't stay outside all day -  go inside and eat and drink  - which is always top on my list of most fun things to do.
honestly, sometimes i think my point and shoot camera takes better pictures than my slr.
love sent, xoxo

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Anonymous said...

sending sunny days your way friend and wishing you lots of dog days ahead to enjoy what you love best xxoo