Wednesday, June 1, 2011

office redo...

so a while ago i mentioned redoing the office...  :)   i have been looking
for the right desk/table for a while.  and last weekend i found it at an antique store and i love it.  it's now in the room but with that addition i had to  readjust everything else in the room.  so now i am on a mission to reorganize it all.  this will take another year.  but i love this idea for extra storage.....

then... i found some great locker type storage at pottery barn for $1600.  however $1600 is not
in my budget for storage...but when i want something there has to be another alternative right? 
so i thought up a possible plan to make doors on the already arranged storage that is in there.
i can think up these ideas i just can't implement them on my own.  so, my handyman came up with
an amazing duplicate which is so much like the pottery barn ones i can't believe it and it cost about
$30....  + the already owned storage. score !   they came out really well!

and of course an old shutter to clip inspiration on.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

I love this. Nice job.