Monday, November 5, 2012

grateful on day 5

as i untangled myself from the sheets this morning i thought wow, monday again.  i could smell the coffee wafting up the stairs into the bedroom.  it is one of my favorite scents.  this morning was a little brighter than it had been last week,  partly because mic had spent the weekend home with us.  but also because day light savings had kicked in over the weekend.  with my head filled with thoughts of the upcoming week i headed to work.  traffic was heavy and it doesn't take long for all the to do lists to start multiplying in my head.  i arrived at work and shuffled through some paperwork. i made a few phone calls.  i was checking through emails and i stopped to read one regarding some disaster relief efforts being made from my office to hurricane sandy victims.  i am reminded what terrible struggles some people are having today, my heart aches for their hardships and devastating loss. it's hard to imagine what they must be going through right now.   life is so  fragile and security is an illusion.  we can never really protect ourselves from the unexpected disaster.  today i promise to look around and be grateful for the moment.  i will reach out to lighten someones burden.  each and every part of the world is within someones reach.  each little kindness counts.  the only way to move forward beyond helplessness is to try a different approach.  do something kind for someone that wasn't expecting it.   tonight when i crawl back into bed i will feel good knowing that i made someones day a little brighter.  then i will entwine myself with t for safekeeping and be thankful for all i have.

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Anonymous said...

Your writing amazes me Dee, I don't say this just because you are a truly amazing friend, because I read your thoughts and it makes me smile,think and appreciate as well.We all have our struggles however we are also the luckiest people around. I wake up every day and Thank God for another day, I did this before I got sick and continue to do it today. I am so grateful for you. see you Wednesday night in what ever fancy outfits we can find!!