Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the power of perspective...

i recently came across a blog that discussed the five most beautiful things project.  it is technically a
little tiny way to become an active beauty seeker.  seeking beauty in the smallest moments.  bringing your
awareness to the forefront every chance you get.  take a moment to list the five most beautiful things that
are right  in front of you this moment.  seeking beauty is an essential human need.  try intentionally
looking for beauty instead of things to be stressed out about.  pay attention and you will be amazed at what
is right in front of you.  the five most beautiful things for me in this given moment are:

1.  the sound of the rain on my window.
2.  the pictures of my children on the shelf above my desk.
3.  my heart beating.
4.  the human spirit's capacity for healing.
5.  my new favorite song.

it may take practice to deliberately look at the world this way.  but the rewards will be significant. 
the simple art of noticing can be life altering.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Thank You for this. xo

Leonor :) said...

I love this Dee <3

Anonymous said...

My morning coffee
My morning hugs
This beautiful day
The kindness of strangers
My upcoming vacation