Sunday, November 25, 2012

perfectly, imperfect.

thanksgiving seems so long ago.  i really enjoyed the week off.  it was filled with love and family fun.
as i sat at the table on thanksgiving, i glanced around thinking of years past.  through the years there has always been a variety of folks at dinner.  various aunts, uncles and cousins have made their appearances.  significant others and spouses have made their entrances and exits.  college roommates have joined,  dear loved ones have passed  and new babies have been born.  one thing that has always been constant is the love our family shares.  along the way all of us make our own traditions.  who brings the appetizers,  who makes sweet potato pie, whether we really need lasagna with the turkey,  and  now, brae's famous turkey cookies we can no longer live without.   a few short days of togetherness, a few moments to take stock of all that is good.   i took a good long look around the table and reminded myself life can turn on a dime. but for now,  i  don't want to contemplate the future just enjoy this time we have.

love sent, xo

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