Thursday, November 8, 2012


today had a funny feeling to it.  sort of unsettled and askew.  i'm just not sure how i feel about
some of the events today.  i do know that it left a big heavy feeling throughout my whole being.
i know one thing about myself i am really not good at managing the in between times.  the uncertain circumstances make me very uneasy.  i am actually better at handling loss and hardship  than the not knowing piece.  i know there are no blue prints for the journey and things are always changing.  i
constantly remind myself i love a balance to life,  sometimes a dash of spice is nice, and sometimes you have to swallow sour grapes.
when the daylight was over i headed home.  my emotions were cloudy for sure.  sometimes you relive things over and over and still know nothing.  it's like looking at the stars and trying to figure out the distance between them.  when i feel like this i try to flip through my mental rolodex of perfect moments to bring me back to the brighter side of life, the side  that helps me walk between the raindrops.   when i got home the firelight flickered across the mantle and a whole sense of  peace came over me.  it reminded me to look for the glitter even in the dark.

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I love you. xo

Anonymous said...

Big Sigh...