Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thankful heart.

there will be lots of prep work going on here today.  i love thanksgiving week. a time to eat, drink and celebrate family and friendships.  last night was a reunion i am glad i didn't miss.  special people i don't see often enough.  we closed the place so i know everyone had a good time.  other events last night that reminded me once again how connected the universe is. 
tonight there will be another annual event to toast and share in another year of memories.  i am so grateful for my extended family and friends.  so grateful for all the love.

happy happy thanksgiving everyone.

i am blessed to have my compassionate family who are always there for each other. always.
for my warm home and my comfortable bed.  for piles of laundry delivered with big hugs.
for starbucks lattes and pumpkin bread. for new babies and long phone calls. for the internet and my good gel pens.  for my favorite restaurants and beautiful flowers.  for the power of loving someone and letting it change you. for understanding and humor. for fleece jackets and cozy socks. for fire places and long rides.  for a listening ear and shopping with friends.  for late night reading and my favorite songs.  for a brave little girl that spins circles around the rest of us.  for a touch that makes me know it will be alright.  for the kindness of strangers.  for my mom's never ending love.
for heartbreak and forgiveness.  for memories and futures. for sharing my life with someone who
brings me coffee and loves me when i am hard to love and shares in all my passions and never,
ever, complains. 

i am thankful. so very thankful.

love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

and worthy of it all. xxoo