Monday, January 28, 2013

at the office...

the end of another month.  the beginning of another week. we are finally moved into our new office space.  now we just need time to settle in.   our new office space is really nice, all white and airy.  clean lines, wood and very modern.   it's nice and bright and seeing as we spend so much time here it's really a welcome change.
the weekends go by so fast.  there is never enough time.  after the great movie,  the road trip, the farmers market, the enjoyable lunch, the nature hike, the beautiful dinner in a cozy restaurant, the many perfect hours spent in each others company, there was hardly enough time for anything except being in the moment. 
yesterday i spent time purging my closets, baking bread and making soup.  finished the day off laughing about my not so perfect rocky road cupcakes.... 

happy monday.  hope you had a wonderful weekend as well  and your week is off to a great start.

love sent, xo

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