Tuesday, January 8, 2013

winter blues...

seriously,  january can be so long and dreary and it has hardly even begun.   sometimes this stage of life can make me wonder if the best days are behind me.  most of the time i don't feel that way.  the past few days have meant a lot of soul searching,  i wonder if i can find a sense of meaning and identity in the years to come.  with another family member passing it makes you re-evaluate everything.  i think about all the people i love and how each one of us is somewhere different, engaged in our own separate lives.  we are all still growing and moving in our own directions.  perhaps the central work of aging has to do with starting to realize that each of us must learn how to die.  falling apart happens continually.   and then,  as i sort through pictures for the up coming service i come across the beauty of this past summer and all the happiness that still remains.

all the happiness that mike would want us to be sharing. 

love sent, xo


Anonymous said...

Thats a great picture!!! KT :)

Anonymous said...

Love this!