Thursday, January 17, 2013

one heartbeat at a time...

tonight was a good night.

we sat around the table and made good conversation.

we are friends, together, until the end.  we are connected, each of us, like pieces of a puzzle. each so different but collectively we help each other.  we had no idea when we first met how our worlds would be shaped together. we have our ups and downs.   we lock eyes, we learn from each other, we share heartache, we share tears.  we are brave. we take leaps of faith, we never stop hoping. we dream.  we know how fragile life is.  we know how important friendship is.  we don't have all the answers,  no one ever does. some times we are able to give more than other times, but  it is the intention of the heart that matters.  every part of life tilts, each of us is seeking balance -  i do know one thing - balance is a lie - there is no even balance.  but a full life is better than a quiet one.  we promise not to leave each other, even if we run out of ideas and enthusiasm. it's always good to rekindle our love on a weekly/monthly basis.  our life spills out over the edges and  that is what makes us feel alive.  that is what moves us forward.  we can't solve the worlds problems but we look for things that are within our reach.  one step at a time.  we will keep throwing lucky pennies into a jar.  we might spend a life time looking for one ray of hope but we will be right there beside each other in good times and in bad. 

and that is what it's all about.

love sent, xo

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