Saturday, January 12, 2013

north conway and this winter...

we have spent lots of evenings huddled around fireplaces, hot tubbing under a blanket of stars, tip toeing through the snow, celebrating with champagne toasts and sharing old stories. spending the days doing a whole lot of nothing and that being alright. winter walks deep in fresh powder and vibrant blue skies, it's unlike any other place. i thought i had lost the fond feelings for this place but the truth is it's still here, just one of my many layers. some things come back easier than you would expect.   i guess i am a country girl at heart.  i shouldn't have spent so much time away from here.   i am so happy to be back enjoying all the beauty.  so happy to have had the chance. looking forward to our next visit which is very soon.


love sent, xo

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Anonymous said...

Total bliss.