Thursday, January 3, 2013

in between


i am still in the space between days.  i did return to work today but it is still pretty quiet in the office.
i am not quite back to the regular routine and not yet into the new one but i'm getting there.  it was fabulous to have all this time off.   so many changes at work at the moment.  the construction crews  have been here for weeks and although when i returned today there was a lot done,  they weren't as far along as i  thought they might be. it's difficult to operate trying to dig through boxes for things, it's so strange,  but all good.  people seem to really be embracing the changes and looking forward to the new space.  it's been nice to have people laughing again and looking in the right direction.

 and at home it felt amazing to be able to pack up all the holiday decorations and  get back to some type of normalcy.  

just enjoying it all.

love sent, xo

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