Sunday, December 28, 2008

hanging out...

dear santa,

thank you so very much for my beautiful new camera. i love it. i bought a book tonight to help me be more creative with my picture taking. spent an hour or so at the book store just perusing the aisles. i love bookstores and i couldnt believe how crowded it was. m and i finished up with a yummy hot chocolate in the bookstore cafe despite the 60 degree temperature. the funny thing is last weekend it snowed and snowed this weekend was like spring. it's new england i guess anything goes. i have been hanging out for 3 days now. i am really not that good at this. i was extremly frustrated today. much as i think i like lots of free time i am really not that good at having it. i did make a big batch of chicken soup a little while ago so i plan to curl up with my soup and my new photo book and become inspired. hope you are doing something you love. xo

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