Friday, December 12, 2008

walking in a winter wonderland...

We awoke this morning to an ice storm. I mean a real ice storm, the kind that knock the power out and knock down trees. The weight of the ice was unbelievable, scary, actually. BUT the sights were absolutely amazing. A winter wonderland for sure. The kind of day to snuggle up with cocoa on your couch and dream by the flicker of the fireplace.

but who has time to dream. So I thought I would share some stocking ideas maybe
ones your gift recipients are dreaming about.
1. night light funny that would be my first thought today.
2. sweet clementines, candy canes they just spell christmas.
3. lottery tickets maybe they will win and share the love.
4. pez candy - a must for stockings.
5. beef jerky don't guys just love beef jerky?
6. cozy mittens or gloves for days like this.
7. kitchen gadgets a fun spatula.
8. a fabulous cd you make yourself.
9. a handwritten note.
10. batteries, they always come in handy.
11. penny candy that takes you back to when you were a kid.
12. a new toothbrush who can't use a spare?
13. a magnifying glass for those of us who need a little help these days.
14. stamps and some note cards for sending those after x-mas thank you notes.
15. decorative wine stopper.
16. a favorite magazine rolled up with twine.
17. nail polish in a festive holiday color.
18. fluffy socks the kind to curl up in
19. new pens, pencils, markers or sidewalk chalk.
20. blank cd's to make their own music.
and remember whatever you give, give with all your heart.

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