Monday, December 15, 2008

we're not happy tonite...

Walking in a winter wonderland. The winter wonderland turned out to be not so
wondrous. The damage that ensued has been devasating for some. We were without
power, heat, etc for three days and I can assure you I am not that good at being a pioneer woman. I actually suck at it. My heart goes out to the people caring for the elderly and those with young children. In an effort to get some heat in our frigid state we attempted to use our fireplace which has not been used for the last few years. It supplied us with a house filled with smoke which we are still trying to sort out. Any information on ridding a house of smoke smell would be greatly appreciated. School is cancelled again tomorrow as many people in our town and many surrounding towns are still without power. Prayers to all...
Weekend was not very nice and Monday turned out to be another kick in the stomach. Not so fun work situation that makes me feel really bad/sad/mad. all of that. But I intend to get up
tomorrow kicking and ready to make merry. Do you hear me ?? it's the holidays it's suppose to be happy, happy, happy, and I have a party to get ready for here on Wednesday night !!!!
So tomorrow I will be merry and bright. I promise.

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Tony said...

I'm glad to hear that you will be "MERRY and BRIGHT" for the holidays and making lemonade with all those lemons. Tough sitations, but you'll make it through (you always do).