Wednesday, February 11, 2009


great strides have been made in cancer research but when you are the one battling cancer great strides doesn’t really cut it. CURE is what you want to hear. when our bff got results in december that there was trouble in paradise we all totally felt it’s going to be okay, you have surgery, they remove the villain, you are inconvenienced for a week or two, and on you go with your merry little life (which as the my space page says is perfect)
the weeks following the surgery and the test results have been disturbing (insert brick wall here) WTF? can you check that again? is this the process ? total denial? yes - we were all in it and frankly we sort of still are.
lots of wishes, cards, flowers, prayers, etc. have been sent and are certainly very much appreciated. c is probably one of the most grateful people around.
the “pinky” club (ironically the name pinky had nothing to do with cancer) was together last night and we chatted about this hurdle that has confronted us. i say US because we want c to know that we are totally with her in this - BUT as we all know unless you are the person fighting for your life you truly can not possibly have any idea what it really feels like. we talked, we shared some soup (isn’t soup the cure all?) and we - believe it or not, mostly laughed and joked to forget the current situation - but this is not funny. there is nothing funny here. the bff looks totally awesome so it makes the reality again hard to believe. the lesson is as you go about your day just remember you never know what war could be raging inside of someone you meet. our bff‘s smile lights up a universe you would NEVER think there was a care in the world. c - we are ready for battle and we are a team, we will fight to the end. negative thinking weakens us so there will be none. the road ahead will be bumpy. as the winter turns to spring there will be treatments, tears and wig shopping (somehow there is always shopping to be done) and love. think in the direction of strength, the mind decides what to make of a situation. i believe that when the spring turns to summer there will be rebirth and we will be walking on the beach in the sunshine, your new hair blowing in your face, we will be laughing and our bonds will have become stronger yet again. xox

p.s. keep brushing your teeth it’s therapeutic … even if people think you are weird because you do it every time you go to the bathroom.

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