Saturday, February 7, 2009

today i plan to get a lot of things done on the to do list. i always start off with great intentions and sometimes i fizzle out mid stream. but today is suppose to be warm (50) a heat wave in fact, and sunny, so i want to get out and about. visit a few people, deliver a little love, and hopefully enjoy it all. i will check back later and let you know. in the meantime i am leaving you some inspiration to motivate you to make your valentine's day (next saturday) special for those you love.

make a card ...
make some soap

a small wish in a little brown bag, a piece of their favorite candy, a handwritten love note.

a little picnic lunch with a bottle of wine.

i sent my first valentine earlier this week and was rewarded with the biggest thank you ever. tell me this little one is not overjoyed with her new little valentine shirt? love you xoxo

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