Friday, February 27, 2009

friday again....

i really can't believe it is friday again. the time is flying by. what a week. my friend patti is right these birthday celebrations go on forever. so when you are out every night celebrating something there is hardly time to blog. but the weekend is here and there is lots to do. tonight was a fun couple of hours with friends. tomorrow there is a wedding to attend. i will make sure to take lots of pictures i love weddings. congrats to kim and joe.
all our friends will be there so it is
sure to be lots of fun. i have been making and selling lots of t shirts for the store and hopefully this weekend will get some new designs up on the website. i printed up some cards for my bff christine and she really liked them. she is hanging in there like a trooper. she is amazing. my other bff is off to paris. looking forward to hearing lots of stories from that adventure. i had a busy but good week at work. had my review today. raise + bonus + high marks review = one happy me.

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