Tuesday, February 3, 2009


wake up – hit the snooze button - 3 times
1. make coffee – screw it up - way to WEAK - i bought beans instead of already ground and i don't have the grind consistency figured out. note to self - leave well enough alone.
2. try again – another screw up – cup fills with coffee grinds what the @#$%
3. give up – go to dunkins
why do some days start like this?
instead … i will bring myself back to the weekend where things were awesome. we had a wonderful time. every place you go in this inn there is the aroma of something amazing cooking. i guess that is what happens at a culinary institute.
do NOT go there if you plan to be on a diet. the weekend was filled with fun. fun . fun. and a lot of laughs for a lot of reasons. we had a little issue with no heat in one of our rooms - ok – maybe a big issue with no heat. but honestly, every now and again if you can have a hot flash it's all good. things just have a way of working themselves out…..and my friends who happened to be in that room are such good sports - and seeing as one of them is single it was ok to have some manly plumber show up every hour. not that anyone noticed the manly man. what happens in vermont stays in vermont. somehow what happens in vegas stays in vegas sounds so much more edgy than vermont. sue c is actually working on being more edgy…sue n is working on a fitness video.

goodie bags for the trip

sue showing us her fitness moves

downtown burlington

downtown burlington 2 hours later in a blizzard

girls just want to have fun....

well i better run i have a new boss and i don’t want to be late ..

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