Tuesday, February 24, 2009


so i know i owe everyone an announcement only you see the announcement was not mine and it was suppose to be out yesterday but due to some technical difficulties it is going to take a little longer.. not to much longer but a little longer - patience.

i have decided to join a writing club on line. imagine a writing club with homework. well not exactly homework that would never work for me - my life is to unpredictable (my own fault) like if i get a better offer i am off and the homework would go to the wayside - so the not mandatory part works perfect for me. the writing club is for self fulfillment - sort of like a book club only you write. each week i get a short list of prompts to help me along. the prompts this week are 1. describe your daily routine (use only nouns) 2. list your obessions (i have lots of these) 3. pick a year from your life, past or future, describe who you were what you wore etc. it is possible some of this writing might end up on this blog. some of this blog has become entertainment for some of my family... i do like to entertain but usually in a hostess sort of way. so i made my notebook and i am ready to roll

wish me luck. this could all end as quickly as it has begun.

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