Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you sound like you are having fun already...

oh we are… and we did. what a fun idea and great night. a couple of weeks ago i received an evite invitation from my neighbor kay. it said join us for movie night -eat, drink, sing, dance and have fun .. are you kidding?? what else is there ? i immediately answered
YES … kay is from england so as they say in the UK what a “brilliant” idea. we had
such a great night. we watched mamma mia – if you haven’t see it – it is a MUST see. this was my third viewing and i enjoyed it as much as the first maybe even more. it literally makes you want to jump up and dance. everyone’s legs were swinging to the music. we shared laughs, scrumptious drinks - drinks even called mamma mia’s - find the recipe here the evening was so successful that we planned another one in a month … sounds like a fantastic new idea to get together and have fun. i think you should all schedule a movie night for your friends, they will love you for it. they will say what a "brilliant" idea.

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