Sunday, January 18, 2009

another snowy day...

a snapshot of a snowy sunday morning....
happy for
waffles and sausages
snuggly fireplace
mugs of coffee
piles of magazines

with valentines day coming all of the magazines are focusing on love - a season for caring, sweet valentines, secrets of happy couples, treasured moments, nourishing hugs. this months issue of hallmark magazine advertises a book called "remember the sweet things" by ellen greene. it began as an article in last years may/june issue of hallmark magazine. i remember this article as vivid as if i read it yesterday. it was one of those reads you devour and then secure in your memory for always. a poignant recap of some everyday events in a relationship that this woman has so joyfully captured.
i can not wait to get out to buy this memoir and you should too. i promise you it will be worth it. it will leave you longing for more and appreciating your every day moments. happy sunday xox

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Wendy said...

Have a nice sunday too!! And those waffles looks so good, mmmm and a cup of coffee, mmm I such a cold weather I can enjoy this too.