Tuesday, January 27, 2009

food photography at its best...

google and my linksys router made up and they decided to let me back on to blog. i had to intervene a bit and performed some very technical magic and restored the connection.
if you ever need i.t. skills you can count on me. i unplugged the linksys router and then plugged it back in, then voila back in business. now i bet you don’t have those kinds of technical skills.

when i was browsing the internet today i came across some of the most gorgeous food photographs i have ever seen… truly Click here to follow link

oh and one more thing at the suggestion of someone i tried a berry infused chai tea at starbucks and it was excellent so the next time you are out and about try it.
and my coffee wrap around my cup read "next action item" do as little as possible.
sounds good to me !!!


Anonymous said...

Food looks awesome. It's making my mouth water, I can't wait until you perform your culinary magic and make those dishes. "Guess Who"?

Wendy said...

Mmmmm the food looks really jammie! I love to eat!