Tuesday, January 6, 2009


well as promised i am here to tell you about the goodbye party for my nephew who is heading out to texas. the pizza’s were (as always) fantastic. it seems like pizza is an easy thing but with the brick oven getting it fired up then chopping and preparing all the ingredients then cooking them and running in and out every few minutes it is a LOT of work.

so thanks Elaine and Michael for another fun filled day. it’s amazing how this pizza oven has become and integral part of so many of our family gatherings. everyone had a great time and i think stephen was happy too. his friends had a party for him the evening before so he was a little more quiet than usual. it’s a big move - one that i hope he will be happy with. i think it’s always hard making a BIG decision like this but i guess if you never try you will never know how things will turn out. i like how i have this great advice seeing as i have never lived outside the state that i live in now. so off he will go in another couple of weeks with all the good wishes of his family and friends, off to a new adventure, one that is sure to be filled with much excitement. steve, we plan on heading out to visit - i am looking for a new pair of cowboy boots to ready myself for the trip. steve was gifted with a few things he will need while he is there - certainly this

and this


also i want to wish
sweet Braelyn a very happy 7th birthday.
braelyn is totally ready to move on out to texas steve better check your suitcase before you leave she might be hiding in there.


we love you

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pizza oven. Nice "Hot Dish" cook'n in front.