Monday, January 19, 2009

refresh your wardrobe... i stole this line from targets ad

what a great way to start an ad. i am always open to refreshing my wardrobe. i look for excuses to do it. heck, i don’t even need an excuse. i love to shop, it’s therapeutic.. i have nothing to wear is a line men can never relate to. my dh looks at my shoe closet – closet being shoes scattered under the bed for miles and boxes piled high not only in my closet but in my daughters - he is in awe – ( i don’t have nearly as many as some people ) why would you ever need more than a pair or two, or three, at the most he asks? to complicate things further he never even had sisters so the whole wardrobe, makeup, bad hair day thing, is hard for him to comprehend. he is really good about pretending he understands however, i know he secretly is thinking this is insane… he loves the car ad where all the shoes are falling from the sky. that would be heaven for you he states. so this is what I am thinking of refreshing my wardrobe with.. and there are no shoes involved ..... yet.

this great top from j crew that will take me all the way to summer.

love this banana republic scarf for a punch of color

more j crew goodness
j crew gotta have new jeans

love his cuff perfect for jeans or can also be dressy so it's double your money spent

i have been so into scarfs and this would carry right into spring.. which i hope is coming sooner rather than later
refresh............... i feel better already

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Anonymous said...

Well you know the old saying,"out with the old in with the new". So if you want to refresh your wardrobe, you've got to make room for it, so pack up some shoes and get rid of some cloths out of that overstuffed closet and maybe you can close that door without putting your shoulder into it!!