Wednesday, January 28, 2009


today has not been a good news day. one of my go to girls is needing a BIG dose of t.l.c. i am sending out BIG hugs and we are here for you - we will do anything you need. even if it means coming over and kicking joe out of the recyliner - oh that's right he already broke it. sometimes life can throw such unfair curve balls. we will be a team - make dinners, (nancy) do laundry (janie) drink and laugh with you, (me)
i guess when it rains it pours so we get out the umbrellas.
i am doing my usual trying to make jokes so i won't cry.
i wanted the news to be different and i had myself totally
convinced that after this mornings surgery you would be home free and that is not the case. so it's going to take a little more work, please keep up your ever-so-no-matter-what-positive-attitude. sometimes the only way to make it is to be bulletproof..... damn

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