Thursday, January 8, 2009

wintry mix

sounds like a drink only not nearly as intoxicating. again all day yesterday wintry mix - snow (which I love) sleet and rain which i do not love. it’s a big ice mess out there - honestly it’s scary the ice is so heavy and starts snapping power lines etc. last night the roads were like skating rinks ask the dear hubby who never got home until 4 am. poor guy. why are these people out sliding around when its so awful out? not me, i like the cozy home front where i can drink cocoa and read blogs… i think i am a blogaholic. i am not kidding i start checking one thing and it leads me to something else then something else, and before i know it hours have past and i am hyperventilating thinking about all the ideas i have to log into my brain for future retrieval. i will be putting some wonderful new cards up in my shop later this week. they are spectacular, simple, simple, but irresistible. m drew the designs and they are just superb. she is the best craft partner i have ever had. now if i can only talk her into spending more time with me - oh that’s right she is not as interested in hanging out at the home front drinking cocoa. she has people to see and places to go…. and driving lessons to take....

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